Semen is available on all of the following bulls. (click the button for more information on each bull)

Eionmor Ideal 69F

Eionmor Mr. Gus 80C

Eionmor Ultra 8C

Eionmor Royal Piper 22T

Eionmor Masterpiece 36K

Eionmor Chieftan 63R

  Eionmor Highlander 90P

  Eionmor Ideal 50P

Eionmor Ideal 82T

Below are a few of the outstanding Eionmor bulls with semen available from their present owners.

Eionmor Clansman 4J

  Owned by: Downsview Shorthorns, Three Hills, Alberta

Eionmor Port O Call 60H

  Owned by: Moores and Kapers, United States

Semen will soon be  available on Eionmor Royal Piper 22T and Eionmor Chieftan 63R, in Europe. Contact James Porter, Uppermill Shorthorns, Northern Ireland, @ 0789 993 6166.

Also looking for a contact for Eionmor Chieftan 63R and Eionmor Royal Piper 22T in U.S.A., New Zealand and Australia.  Please contact us if you are interested. 

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